Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No More Ads

I like election day. For a whole day it seems like things might start going well, like voters have aired their grievances and the politicians will listen and act accordingly. All of that usually crashes the next day when I realize that only the names have changed, and government business will still be conducted by self-interested idiots.

In Minnesota yesterday, and around the country, people spoke. It seems the Democrats gained what they needed to break up the Republican circle-jerk in Washington, and I'm happy about that. But here in Minnesota we re-elected a governor who made a stupid decision in his first campaign, promised to hold to that idea, and then held to the idea despite all evidence that it was a stupid idea. And now he claims victory for staying true to his stupid idea, and the people have rewarded him for it. John Kline won, even though he ran a dishonest campaign, and Michele Bachmann, who's Pure Evil, won, too.


Even though election day promises the possibility of change, I'm left the next day thinking Do I really belong in this country? With these idiots? And every time, I answer Probably not. And then I stay anyway. Well, at least the ads will stop now.

On a different note, I had a weird dream the other night. A year or so ago I was told I should read Nathanael West, because he was my kind of weird. I read his novels Miss Lonelyhearts and The Day of the Locust and found a new obsession. The man was twisted and brilliant. I loved them both. He wrote two other books, The Dream Life of Balso Snell and One Cool Million, which have received less favorable reviews, but I want to read them anyway.

So at my part-time job I got the store to order a copy of Snell and Million in one volume. It was on the shelf Monday night when I worked, so I think I'll pick it up soon. It's already having an effect on me, though. I think.

The Dream Life of Balso Snell is a story about a guy who climbs up the Trojan Horse's rear end and walks around having adventures. Weird concept, but sounds fun. I must have been thinking about that when I dreamt the other night, because in my dream I was walking around inside a fish.

I don't know what it means, but it was weird. And kind of fun. I can't wait to read the book. Because then I can ignore the fact that I really don't fit in this country.


D. Chmielewski said...

I can't think of a better way to describe Michelle Bachman than "pure evil". I had chosen "Fascist Bitch" but I don't think it's fair to the the Fascists (though the bitches are well represented in my eyes). I suppose its bad enough that we have to be represented by John Kline in the 2nd (though I can't say that I found Colleen Rowley a compelling choice) but at least we don't live in the 6th (although I guess that would have given me a chance to vote in futility for Wetterling).

At least I don't have to be totally depressed this year, like after the 2004 election when I was down for days at the prospect of 4 more years of Dubya. Half way through that and only a couple of thousand lives in our wake. ;-( These next two more years ought be a bit more palettable with a lot of people turning on "The Decider". And although I don't agree with his politics, Pawlenty now works with an overwhelming Democratic majority in both state houses and doesn't have his assinine "no new taxes, lets call it a fee" thing going this time. I'm not a huge fan Pawlenty, but I couldn't bring myself to vote for Hatch (that guy has been a slime ball for years), so Peter Hutchinson was my man, with no apologies.

I would say that I am looking forward to 2008, but I think if the Dems put up Hillary against McCain, she is going to get her ass kicked. She is unelectable in large expanses of the country, and I don't think you can say the same for McCain (who is largely moderate). We shall see.

Jason said...

As much as I despised all of the Republican candidates this time around, I didn't feel like the Dems were giving us much of an option. You're right, Hatch is nasty. I didn't like him a bit, but saw a vote for Hutchinson as a non-factor. It wasn't worth the possibility of Pawlenty, though in the end it didn't matter. Wetterling didn't do anything for me (not that I could've voted for her anyway) and Rowley could have had a lot going for her, but she never said anything substantive.

I'm with you on the 2004 malaise. My faith in humanity went from zero into negative numbers when I realized that millions of people thought Dubya had done an acceptable job for four years.

Hillary can't get the nomination for 2008. The Democrats can't be that stupid (crossing fingers). Conservatives want her dead, moderates won't vote for her, and even some liberals hate her. They'd be better off with an Edwards/Obama ticket, or something like that. No more Kerry/Gore/Lieberman nonsense. I'd have voted for McCain over Gore, and I was stunned when Dubya got the nod in 2000. Even then it was clear he was unsuited.

Well, I'm sure the lull we have now won't last long.