Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stray Cat Update

For the last six days our guest has commandeered our bathroom, terrorized the two cats who live here, and perforated my hands with her teeth and claws. She's also been a nuzzling, loving little ball of fur who's grown on us. Today, we may have found a home for the little beast.

Michele's sister and her fiancé, Future Brother In Law, have taken the kitten home for a one-week trial period. In other words, she may really become a good companion for the Demon Nephew. It sounds like the experiment is going well, and that makes me happy.

We like the kitten, but her presence here caused a few problems, not least of which being near-clinical depression in our cats, who really didn't want to deal with the Energizer Kitty with fistfuls of Ginsu knives. Staying with us was an option, but not the best one. I'm happy that--if she's finally found a permanent home--we can still see her from time to time.

Sounds like they've named her "Zoe." I like it. Somehow it fits. Of course, "Vibrating Ninja of Needly Doom" could also have fit.

Good luck, Zoe.

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Just This Girl said...

My mother's cat's name is Zoe. Here she is with my father:

Cats named Zoe are just really freakin' cute!