Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why Democrats Suck

I have to admit—most of my venom was spent on the previous post, but I have to give equal time. Not because I think they deserve it, but because I’d hate another worthy target go unhit. The Democrats are just barely one step up from the Republicans, and I’ve already mentioned why. So, to the Democrats:

You want to help people. Congratulations. It’s admirable that you see government as a positive force rather than a referee.

You want to determine how people are helped. Great. I suppose you can’t have the first without the second.

You want to force others to help people whether they want to or not. Maybe a little less noble, but probably necessary given the state of America these days. Too many people looking out only for themselves, and the other guy can get bent. Still, you ought to be careful how you allocate other peoples’ resources.

You see, even the generous people don’t want to toss their money down a black hole. Nobody will invest in an enterprise that shows no return, and that includes a government that professes to serve the greater good. So you need to take the complaints seriously. It’s true that you shouldn’t scrap the welfare system just because some people abuse it. Scrap the abusers. But get serious about it. At least address it. Don’t let the Republicans determine every subject. Don’t just react. Say “We understand that you don’t want to pay the way for layabouts. Here’s what we’re going to do . . .”

It’s like this with every issue. War, abortion, welfare, crime—everything. Be proactive, for crying out loud. Don’t depend on the Republicans to set the tone. I mean, honestly. When the Republicans accuse you of “wanting Big Government,” maybe you should counter by saying something like, “What the hell would I have to gain by making government bigger? I’ve never heard anything so stupid in my life.” How about that? How about growing a pair? This is why Democrats suck.

And stop trying to make me feel sorry for the children. I don’t dislike children, but with your help I’m getting there.

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Diana said...

I know. I'm pretty burnt out on all this stuff and cynical about it, too.