Friday, September 29, 2006

Rock'n'Roll Love Child

There’s a new song on the radio, and it has this habit of sticking into my brain and not going away. My co-worker calls these “earworms.” I don’t know the name of the song, and in six months I probably won’t remember it exists, but for now it’s settling into my psyche pretty nicely. The band is called “Flyleaf,” and while they don’t distinguish themselves too sharply from other nu-metal bands, they are notable for having a female singer.

The singer has a unique voice. A little sultry, a little piercing, and a little . . . gargly? Like she’s doing an impression of the Lollipop Guild singers, or something. Actually, she sounds like the love child of Geddy Lee and Amy Lee. Geddy being the singer/bassist of Rush fame, and Amy being the singer in Evanescence. Here, Geddy's on the left and Amy's on the right (in case your gender-recognition software is outdated):

I'd do one of those photoshop composites to enhance the humor of this post, but I have to go to work in a bit. Maybe later.

So this name silliness leads me to a quandary. Since her soundalikes share a surname, can I find a suitable misnomer for said singer? Gamy Lee seems a bit cruel, and a little nasty. Addy Lee doesn’t do it for me. Gedmy Lee? That’s kind of funny. Geddamy? Ageddamy? Here's what Gemmy looks like:

I think I need professional help.

And her real name is Lacey Mosley. Wait . . . MosLEE!

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